What We Do

It’s our passion, not only work!

We can do anything you don’t have the time to do as long as it’s legal and ethical.
We are here to make your life that little bit simpler.

Private Property Management

Private Property Management

We look after your private homes and investment properties. From maintenance to upkeep, we do it all.

Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge

Having trouble with everyday chores? From gift purchasing to home office organisation, we will look after it for you.



Making the big move? From home to office or even interstate, we can organise the entire process for you.

Private Property Management

We assist and manage many of our clients’ private homes and investment properties. There is always something in the home that needs either repair or replacing eventually. i.e. the bathtub springs a leak or the dishwasher has had its day and breaks down. With trusted and qualified tradespeople we have been working with since 2003, we take away the stress when disaster hits and are only a phone call away.

Case 1. Checking on the home whilst on holidays

A client travels abroad 2-3 times per year and engages us to check on the house whilst they are away. We check the mail and throw out local papers, coordinate the gardener and cleaner. On their last trip away we had the entire house recarpeted and the client was never inconvenienced during the process.

Case 2. Managing the holiday house tradesmen

Our client has a beach house down the coast that we organise maintenance for when required. We have recently organised quotes for new decking and internal painting. Once quotes are received, we forward them to the client for their final decision. We then manage the tradesmen whilst on site, which frees up our client’s precious time.

Case 3. Dealing with managing agents for clients

A client has an apartment in Queensland and we deal directly with the managing agent in Noosa when it comes to renting out or maintaining the property. Recently, the oven needed repair and our client agreed it was time to replace it. On behalf of our client, we conducted the research for a new oven, sourced the best price, purchased it, and had it delivered and professionally installed.

Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Services

We source those special gifts for birthdays, the arrival of a new baby or flowers for a funeral, whenever our clients are in need. If it is the home office that needs sorting and getting you back on track, we will get it back in shape and continue to manage it for you. Sourcing a venue and managing a private cocktail party for 50 to a wedding for 300 guests, we have the event planning under control. Organising and de-cluttering in the home, we will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process and help you free up space in your home and better yet, in your life!

Personal and gift shopping

Sourcing that special gift for a birthday, a new baby arrival or flowers for a funeral – consider it done!

Home office administration

Needs sorting and getting back on track? We can get it back in shape and continue to maintain it for you.

Organising and de-cluttering in the home

We will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process and help you free up space in your home and better yet, in your life!

Event Planning

Organising a private cocktail party for 50 to a wedding for 300 guests, we have done it all!

Case 1. Personalised gifts

Our client was interstate for Valentine’s Day and called us two days before the day for a very unique gift for her partner. We pulled out all stops and found the gift interstate, had it couriered to us and delivered on time. The partner and our client were over the moon.

Case 2. Sorting out the home office

A client approached us with six years of paperwork neglected in his home office. We went in and sorted through the paperwork, including finding unbanked cheques within the piles of mail, which we banked too. By assisting the client to get “up to date” with no fuss, he was so impressed that it was achieved in such a small time frame that we now manage his home office on a monthly basis.

Case 3. Event organising and planning

Our client approached us to organise his 50th birthday party, an intimate affair, for 25 guests at an amazing stately guest house. Guests were pampered with spa and massages in the afternoon, followed by a private dinner and overnight accommodation. The night was a huge success and the client was extremely gratified by the event.


Whether moving down the street, across town, interstate or abroad we take away the stress by organising and managing the entire process for you. All you need to do is walk into your new home. At utilizeMyTime we solve the problem of stressful relocations for busy, motivated people, and support them to simplify their lives during the move process.

Case 1. Walking into your new home with nothing to do but sigh a sense of relief!

A client we had assisted moving three times in the past ten years was on the move again. We organised the de-cluttering of the home pre-move, along with the removalist and packing. On the day of the moving, we were on site to ensure it was completed successfully, including connection of utilities in the new home. We managed the entire process.

Case 2. The City office relocation

A city based client requested us to arrange the relocation of their office from one busy city street to the other. We project managed the new office fit out, which included organising the builder, electrician and air conditioning companies, as well as the removalist. Upon relocation to the new premises the telephones and computer network were installed enabling our client to resume their business operations immediately.

Case 3. The bachelor relocation

A bachelor was moving into a new apartment. On his behalf, we purchased household items such as a fridge, toaster, crockery and utensils. We organised and managed the relocation and set up the utilities for him. We arranged final carpet and domestic cleanings at his old home too, as well as assisting with the redirection of mail. We even arranged to have his dinner prepared for him for the first night in his new fridge!